Kiez Beats Presents: Synthwave Vol. 6

Synthwave Vol. 6 Cover V2.jpg

Germany’s Kiez Beats Label presents: Synthwave Vol. 6 - a perfect imaginary 80s movie soundtrack, updated for your modern life. Packed full of nostalgic vocal driven synth heavy sounds but with modern touch, inspired by the spirit of 80s culture, music, movies and video games.

This compilation will feature a previously unreleased version of “We Were Young” which was originally released on the 2015 Lines EP. I’m excited to be a part of this compilation and honored to be in company with some of the best the Synthwave community has to offer. Available May 3rd on Kiez Beats’ Bandcamp. Here’s the tracklist:

1. September 87 - Bad Dream Baby

2. Le Matos – Cold Summer feat. Computer Magic

3. Jessie Frye – Faded Memory feat. Timecop1983

4. Magic Dance - When We Were Young

5. FM-84 - Delorean

6. Michael Oakley - Turn Back Time

7. Kidburn - This Could Be Love

8. Maethelvin - Delight (Club Mix)

9. Let Em Riot - We Were Young (Reprise)

10. Marvel83' - Close To You feat. Back in the Future

11. Gryff - Jessie

12. Thought Beings - Hazy

13. The Motion Epic - Ulterior Motives

14. Radio Wolf - Runaway Girl feat. Parallels

15. Electric Runner - Virtual Game feat. Kinnie Lane

16. NINA - Counting Stars

17. Moonrunner83 – Streets feat. Megan McDuffee

18. Moonraccoon - Showdown feat. Straplocked

19. Elevate The Sky - These Walls feat. Dana Jean Phoenix

20. BMX Escape - Along The Bay

21. Color Theory - The Fifth of July

22. Lost Outrider - This Downpour feat. Anita Kyoda

23. Turbo Knight - Mirrorverse (2019 Remaster)

24. Madelyn Darling - Bad Tourist

25. Arwelone - Cocktails and Avenues